We’ve got Prizes, we got Paedos and we got Pox!

Yes – Jesus, Joseph and Mary Queen of Pox!

The quiz part of The Ladvent Calendar is now closed.

There are still some exciting offerings to cum so keep checking in!

We had lots of very rude xmas cards thank you. Some from people who refused to give us their real names, and some with no address at all.

Without further ado we announce the following ‘winners’:

Martin Ashberry
Claire Priest
Jared Calladine
Lard Lucan
John Millington
Carl Whittle
P Melling
Neil Dugdale
Andy Wurz
Eddie George
Paul Billson
Neil McLean
Rob Parkin

All will receive various items of our unwanted rubbish, hopefully before next Christmas.

A special mention goes to the following:

Callum Millward – who didn’t include his address (unless he actually does live at Hallmark Cards PLC in Bradford?)

Madeline McCann – also no address given.

‘Mary Queen of Pox’ c/w ‘Middle Finger’ was released at The Engine Shed, Lincoln on 14th December. All attending arse bandeets and sheepshaggers received a free vinyl single as a gift from Slippery Git on the t-shirt and assorted paraphernalia stall.