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Welcome to Depravity

Maid of Ale

We’ve decided to create a blog, of sorts, so that we may share our various bits of shite with you on our own website rather than on Factfuck or Titter where we may inadvertently fall foul of one of their spunktrumpet moderators.

Call back for various musings and revelations, and we’ll even leave the comments section open for wonton swearing and abuse.

Welcome to our stinking pit of utter depravity.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to Depravity

  1. Dans blocked the fucking loo again

  2. How old is the Beater?

  3. “She’s got more than a barber’s floor stuufed in her underwear”- fucking class!!

  4. Funk Cunt wank shit

  5. Nice one lads! Great tracks! I have an incomplete album that i doubt would ever be finished, glad to hear your new material. All the best

  6. Just received my box of loot from the Ladvent quiz. Ta.
    3 free tickets to Goldwyn’s, Birmingham in Nov 1990, plus instructions of how to get there. It’s a fookin long way from here you twats!
    Anyway, turned out it was worth shaggin you bastards rather than trying to work out the poxy answers to the quiz
    Julie xxx

  7. When’s the new album out you cunts?! Cheers, Dunc

  8. If you slack pack of bastards ever get off your fat arses and release a new album, will it be called “Macc Lives Matter?”

  9. So, am I drunk, or is my Mum actually looking quite fit?

  10. The drunker you are is in direct correlation to the fitter she gets.

  11. What a cunt! You told me that you loved me! 😢

  12. “Andy: That’s spelt ‘wanton’ you pigshit-thick bunch of arsebandeets.”

    They’ve got the China Virus mate

  13. Cunts are still breathing, there’s a miracle if ever I saw one!

  14. Pint of bitter and a hand shandy please, barkeep.

  15. That’s spelt ‘wanton’ you pigshit-thick bunch of arsebandeets.
    ‘Wonton’ is something you’d get from Gordon’s or order in one of those winebarbistrofunpubdisco places where you lot go to have half of lager and lime.

  16. Get the ale in you tight twats

  17. Get a new album out ya Gundts, how about Verse xii getting a release?
    Bunch of soft, girlie twats

  18. I fooking hate this lockdown

  19. Have to tie a plank to your back before you tackle that monster.

  20. That looks like Curly Clare, but yeah they all look the same lying down

  21. Fucking hell it’s cold.

  22. Re: “They all look the same to me…”
    If you stand them on their heads then they all look alike!

  23. Get a fooking album out you gunts! On that old fashioned vinyl like cos we are all old farts aswell. I tried using Spotify but I couldnt get the lid off the zit cream.

  24. They all look the same to me…

  25. I thought that was Sweaty Betty!

  26. You cheeky fuckers. Next time you want to use my picture make sure I at least get a shag out of it. Twats.
    Charlotte x

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