A vast forest stretches from Alderley across the Pennines. This is the home of the lost tribe of Ancient Britons.

And this tribe hated everyone.

They fought with Celts, Picts, Romans, Angles, Jutes, Vikings, Mancs and Scousers. But their numbers were few, and their homeland was whittled away by invaders. Soon these people were virtually extinct.

Their name was the Beatermaccs, and their domain was Beatermacc’s Field.

Legends grew about the antisocial tribe who existed in Macc’s Field…Huge hairy creatures covered in woad, who swore and drank and fought with all outsiders. And tales were told of their menfolk… How they spent their days thinking up ruder and cruder ways of offending ‘foreigners’, and eating ‘nips n gravy’.

Thus these people existed for centuries with little contact with the outside world. They developed their own language, cuisine, sports, customs and music…

But the discovery of electricity in 1969 changed everything…

In 1981, the village elders selected three men to journey into the unknown as ambassadors….. – all in a desperate attempt to boost the tourist industry.

These three men were known as The Macc Lads.