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A return to tradition with rude words delivered in a way that only The Macc Lads are able. As many true Macc Lads fans know, the spelling of GUNDT harks back to The Dark Ages, where men were men and women didn’t have a vote. So this is the unique version of our most popular and most brilliantly designed t-shirt. A perfectly positioned exclamation mark leaves your chums in no doubt that you definitely meant to put this shirt on, and you don’t care. If you want one for your boyfriend or your father in-law don’t hang about, they sold out in a flash last time round. You know you want one.

This is the BLUE version!

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*Please note this website is the ONLY source of ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC Macc Lads merchandise. Purchase here and you can be sure that all the proceeds will mostly go towards the Beaters personal pension fund.

Design is strictly the copyright of ┬ęThe Macc Lads 2019. Don’t copy them, or sell shit ones on eBay.

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