Printed white on the front, and white on the reverse. Yes, that does mean it’s printed on both sides.

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To celebrate the end of the 2018 UK Tour we created this special edition ‘Contains Rude Words’ Tour uniform. A fairer warning could not be given to your unsuspecting girlfriends, ex-wives, mistresses and casual passers-by. Simply blurt out a rude word and when scowled at by strangers – simply remind them of the warning on your uniform and continue to make your way to the pub. Just in case your rude words went unheeded, we’ve printed a nice large ‘fuck off’ cartoon on the reverse.

This uniform is designed to provided double the joy at the same price as our standard abusive clothing, and can also be worn during unexpected Friday night threesomes.

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*Please note this website is the only source of ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC Macc Lads merchandise. Purchase here and you can be sure that all the proceeds will mostly go towards the Beaters personal pension fund.

Design is strictly the copyright of ┬ęThe Macc Lads 2018 / 2019. If we catch you printing our magnificent logo on your shitty imported rags we’ll send Stez round to leather the living daylights out of your hamster.

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